Elba is famous for its seaside tourism, but there is more than just beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, the Island is in fact rich of morphological variety.
There is lot natural features and astonishing landscapes that you will be able to discover riding awesome MTB trails, visit beatiful places or challenge yourself in breathtaking descends along the coast down to the sea.
Mountain biking is a great way to create a deeper connection with nature and learn to respect and appreciate what the island has to offer.The trips are generally classified according to the degree of difficulty: from the simple ride with family on forestry roads, to more gravity oriented disciplines like freeride;

Entry level
This is a panoramic tour, a minimum training and mountain-bike mastery is required.
The ride will mostly be on forestry roads and easy access trails, which will lead you to breathtaking panoramic views of the coast and get you in touch with the nature of the island.
Escape from the daily routine by enjoying a day outdoors.

This is a more challenging trip, good bike-handling and fitness is required.
Explore the island on natural trails trough oak forests, into the maquis and along the coast.
Deserved panoramic views will wait for you after the uphills to get to fun descends with sea view.

Tough trip, high confidence level on the mountain-bike is required, full suspension-bike and body protection are highly recommended.
Discover the most savage side of the island on technical trails that will challenge your abilities!
Main feature of this tours are the adrenalin descents on the coast overlooking the sea!
You will need to walk some small sections of the trails.